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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there anything that we have to do to get ready for painting?

A: Yes, but not too much.  On the exterior, please do any pruning of plants that are against the house, if possible.  We will take care of everything else.  We will move the lawn furniture, potted plants, etc.   We will also cover everything that can’t be moved.  On the interior, take your possessions off of the furniture e.g. magazines, nick knacks, pictures before we arrive, so as to make it easier for us to move the furniture.        

Q: It seems so hard to pick a color from the chips that paint stores provide.  Is there anything that you do to make this process easier?  

A: Yes there is.  We can provide wet samples and put them on an area of the house so as to give you a better feel of what the whole house will look like once it is painted.      

Q: What if we need to touch up the house in the future due to an accident or other unforeseen circumstance?

A: We will leave touch up paint for you that you can use in those circumstances.  The can will also have the brand and color written on the can if you want to purchase more paint for any reason.      

Q: Should I always use a licensed contractor no matter how small the job is?

A: Yes.  A licensed contractor is required to be bonded and carry workman’s compensation insurance protecting you from any accidents that could happen to anyone working on your house.  It also does not hurt to ask to see a liability insurance policy that would also protect you.  You can also check on the work record of any licensed contractor by going to the contactors board website and inputting their contractor’s license number.  The website address is www.cslb.ca.gov/.         

Q: What color should I paint my house?

A: Color choice is a very personal decision, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  When you choose a dark color for the exterior trim color and a much lighter color for the main part of the house, it can make the house look smaller if there is a lot of trim.  On the interior a lighter ceiling color will make the room look larger and the walls look higher.

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